Current Project: Construct JK Grant 6 bay Synthetic Cricket Wickets & Fence Enclosure for Turf Wickets

Client: Hobsons Park City Council

Overview: Demolition of existing cricket wickets, fencing and subgrade material. Cut/Fill, and compact to form a new subbase. Supply & install a new compacted 100mm Class 2 Crush rock layer.

Construct 6 Bay synthetic courts with fencing enclosure. Install a new perimeter fence and soft netting enclosure with sliding retractable netting. The fencing included concrete edge beams for extra support & allowing separation from the court slab.

Install & compact a 50mm stone dust layer for the final sub base. Install new 100mm concrete slab with 300mm/300mm thickeners to 6 lane wicket table & run-up areas.
Supply & Installing new Tiger Turf Premier Cricket 9 mm grass.